Brand and Media Group

About the WorkSource Brand and Media Group (BAM)

This statewide group was convened in 1998 to develop the identity and introductory marketing campaign for the WorkSource career center system. Following the successful launch of WorkSource, the Washington Workforce Association charged the group to continue its work to develop and implement statewide brand standards, strategies and promotional products for WorkSource to ensure services are recognizable and meaningful to the public. 

The committee also ensures a network of professionals a common forum from which to share best communication practices and key successes.

Scope of work

The committee’s scope of work includes:

  • Protecting and advancing the WorkSource Brand through on-going support and promotion of the WorkSource Brand Standards.
  • Creating professional promotional and communication products to achieve system priorities and to increase public awareness and use of the WorkSource system.
  • Monitoring the appropriate application of WorkSource Brand Standards in all WorkSource communications originating from the WorkSource system.
  • Completing tasks and projects as defined by the Washington Workforce Association in the group’s annual work plan, as well as considering new work which meets the group’s criteria for prioritization.