Graphic standards

Outreach, licensing and co-branding

The intent of this section is to ensure WorkSource retains the benefit and control of its brand. Special care must be taken to ensure that the WorkSource Brand does not appear to inappropriately endorse private enterprise.

WorkSource does not permit the use of its trademark for external outreach activities without the expressed permission of the Washington Workforce Association and the Employment Security Department.

Local sponsorship or external outreach activities must be coordinated through your workforce development area Brand & Media Group Designee. The designee will ensure outreach initiatives and products reflect system-wide policies, priorities, messages, and design quality standards.

Types of outreach covered include television, radio, print, mail, digital, social, video and billboards.

Special note

Co-branding allows WorkSource and other entities to combine their activities to recruit, screen, hire and retain workers. Co-branding works when involved parties work closely together to outline a strategy that addresses mutual goals and priorities. Co-branding opportunities must be negotiated and approved by the affected Workforce Development Council (WDC) and the Employment Security Department.

To discuss or initiate a co-branding opportunity, contact your workforce development area Brand & Media Group Designee.