Brand and Media Group

Roles and responsibilities

Adopted by Washington Workforce Association February 2018


i.     Participate in a collegial forum of designees to consult, collaborate, learn from and inform each other of media opportunities, product development and brand management.

ii.    Attend team meetings consistently. Be on time and stay for full meeting.

iii.   Participate actively in both creative and process discussions.

iv.   Focus on completing annual work plan.

v.   Conduct necessary advance work to represent WDA’s preferences.

vi.   Abide by the team’s adopted ground rules and work processes.

vii.  Apply team’s selection criteria when considering non-work plan items.



i.    Communicate with WDC Chief Executive Officer on matters of WorkSource Brand, marketing and media relations.

  1. Ensure he/she is briefed on any new product proposals or team recommendations in advance of Washington Workforce Association (WWA) meetings
  2. Ensure his/her opinions, suggestions and positions are known by you.
  3. Share the WDC CEO’s perspectives to inform the team’s discussions.

ii.   Communicate regularly with WDA’s leadership and key stakeholders in matters of WorkSource Brand, marketing and media relations.

iii.   Serve as the WDA’s single point of contact for managing the WorkSource Brand, marketing and media to:

  1. ESD Communications staff
  2. Local partner and one-stop system staff

iv.   Elevate items for statewide consideration, as appropriate.



i.    Uphold the WorkSource Brand Standards by:

  1. Educating and/or training WDA’s staff;
  2. Ensuring standards are well known, monitored and enforced (by you);
  3. Removing product(s) not in compliance with standards;
  4. Using pre-approved templates and/or design themes; and
  5. Ensuring Equal Opportunity tag line and logo are included and correct.



i.   Given express authority and support as the region’s point person in management of the WorkSource Brand.

ii.  Oversee WorkSource communications on behalf of WDA for print, web, radio, TV, social media, events, sponsorships and organizational programs.

iii.  Maintain close relationship with local WDC director and partnership’s key decision-making team, approving marketing and communications initiatives that ensure strategies align with the WorkSource Brand.

iv.  Develop an in-depth understanding of organization’s products and services, and how they play out across multiple mediums.



i.   Ensure the WDA has known processes in place to:

  1. Solicit design feedback, hear concerns, and provide new information and products to system partners and direct service staff members;
  2. Review and approve locally produced drafts (ensuring adherence to 508 Style Guide);
  3. Order products online at Office Depot; and
  4. Manage inventory of WorkSource branded products (storage, distribution, reorder, etc.).



i.    Encourage use of approved statewide materials as first option.

ii.   Define your communication challenge and the marketing product or tool needed to meet it.

iii.  When appropriate and based on team protocols, bring ideas to WorkSource Brand and Media Group for statewide consideration and development.

iv.  If just a local communication need, work with WDA staff using guidelines and materials posted on WorkSource Brand Basecamp.

v.   Reach out to the ESD Communications Office as needed for brand, message, and design guidance to help ensure adherence to standards.