Rapid Response Materials

Core Suite of Rapid Response Products

The following WorkSource Rapid Response products have been developed by the WorkSource Brand and Media Group and approved for statewide use. These products are designed to connect Washington businesses and workers with essential Rapid Response and Layoff Aversion services. As such, it's important that these materials meet statewide brand standards and WorkSource system strategies.

Consistent statewide use is highly recommended. Where applicable, editable fields have been provided in order to customize service and contact information.

Rapid Response - Individual PDF's

To preview an item, select one of the links. Then, to download the PDF to your local drive, simply select the arrow in the upper right corner of the browser window, navigate to the folder where you would like to store it and select "save".

*Any updates or edits made in your web-browser preview window will not be saved. Be sure to download the PDF before making updates to editable fields. Then, open the document in a version of Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat DC to make your updates and save your changes to your local drive.

Alternative Rapid Response Materials

Please contact your local Brand and Media Designee if you have questions regarding the use of these Rapid Response materials. Any alternative materials, not included here, must be approved by your local Brand and Media Designee to ensure they meet WorkSource brand standards.