WorkSource logo

The WorkSource logo is the primary identifier of the state’s one-stop center system. To ensure consistency, it is important to always use the logo in accordance with the following guidelines.

The logo consists of three elements: the word Work, the arrowhead, and the word Source. Each of the individual elements maintains a special relationship to the others and must not be altered except by overall enlargement or reduction.

Additionally, every state is required to show affiliation to the national one-stop career center system. Washington has elected to meet this requirement by placing the approved tagline “A proud partner of the American Job Center network” underneath the WorkSource logo. It must be used as shown regardless of personal preference.

The WorkSource logo and American Job Center network tagline should always appear as a single unit and never altered. 

WorkSourceWA.com, building signage and local geographic identifiers are exceptions. In these instances, the American Job Center network tagline is applied to the WorkSourceWA.com footer and as a decal on WorkSource office windows and/or doors. When size makes it impractical, the American Job Center tagline may be omitted with prior approval of the Brand & Media Group.