WorkSource logos

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Download individual logos

Simply select the appropriate link from the list below. For more information about file formats and use of the WorkSource brand, visit the graphic standards.

  • Note
    When downloading a PNG or JPG, the image will open in a separate browser window.
    Right click the image and select "save image" to download it to your hard drive.

    When you select any of the EPS file links, the logo will automatically save to your "downloads" file.
    (EPS files are vector and therefore not viewable in browser windows)


For use in digital and offset printing when four color process is used.



RGB files for use in Web pages, PowerPoint presentations or any publication that will be viewed on a monitor or screen. They may also be used in publications printed on an office desk jet or laser printer.



These images are best when printing on a digital device or offset printer when black is the only ink color available but the device can print grays and halftones accurately.



These files are to be provided when black is the only available option. (A receipt from an ATM for example or a fax)



For overlay on any dark background.



For overlay on very dark backgrounds such as black, dark gray or navy blue. If any part of the logo is blending in with the background, choose a different version of the logo or choose a different background color/image.