Equal Opportunity Statement

The following Equal Opportunity statement (also known as the EO Tagline”) approved by the Civil Rights Center (CRC) is required for programs and partners providing services in the WorkSource system. Anytime the WorkSource logo is used, the EO tagline must appear in the document, digital media, or advertisement.

 “WorkSource is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Washington Relay Service: 711” *

"WorkSource es un empleador/programa con oportunidades equitativas. Previa solicitud equipos auxiliares y servicios están disponibles para los individuos con discapacidades. Servicio de Retransmisión Washington: 711” *

The EO tagline is required on all:

  • On all WorkSource branded materials, both printed and electronic materials (e.g. web and social media-based ads).

  • On all partner program materials promoting services (e.g. marketing, advertisements, program information pages and flyers).

  • All job postings recruiting for positions for required partner program or a program providing services within the One Stop Centers. For agency job postings, replace WorkSource with the agency or business name.

- if a person will be able to see both sides of the flyer (i.e. have it picked up, have it mailed, received electronically, etc.) it is fine to have the EO Tagline on one side. However, if it is posted somewhere where only one side is available to view (i.e. a bulletin board, in a frame, etc.) the tagline should be on the side that is visible. A shortened/revised EO tagline is approved under certain limited circumstanced – check in with your WorkSource Brand and Media group designee for more information.

Washington Relay Service 711 is only required if a phone number is provided on the document.