Graphic standards

Color treatment

The WorkSource color system has been developed to convey a visual uniformity throughout all communication materials. Consistent use of the approved color system is critical to building brand consistency and strengthening awareness of WorkSource services.

The WorkSource color system is composed of two palettes: Primary and Secondary. In additon to the WorkSource color pallette, the American Job Centers (AKC) color pallette is included below along with the CMYK, RGB, and HEX color values.

  • Use only primary and secondary colors when creating WorkSource materials.
  • Use CMYK values for printed documents.
  • Use RGB and HEX values for digital media.
  • Provide the PantoneTM number for vinyl and embroidery color match. 
  • Use American Job Center (AJC) colors only in the AJC tagline.
    (These colors are p
    rovided for vinyl color match).