Graphic standards

Acceptable sizing and positioning

WorkSource logo sizing must always be proportionate for the application and can be no smaller than a inch and half in length. Reference existing outreach materials for appropriate sizing and always consult with your local marketing designee when developing local materials. When sizing the WorkSource logo, it is critical to do it in accordance with the following guidelines


The WorkSource logo is not to be modified or altered except by overall enlargement or reductions. To enlarge or reduce the logo, drag from a corner point in or out from it's default size.


The WorkSource logo is never to be stretched vertically or horizontally. It will either stretch or condense the font, making the logo disproportionate.

The component pieces of the WorkSource logo should never be separated, stacked, or aligned in an alternative fashion.


Computer programs vary in the way they handle the scaling of imported graphics. Be sure you understand how to correctly maintain the proportional integrity of the WorkSource logo.