Graphic standards

WorkSource approved typography

Consistent typography (font) is an important component of any successful identity system. The characteristics of a certain typeface often communicate as much about an organization as the words used to describe it. When used consistently, the typeface becomes synonymous with the organization.

Two fonts are used in the WorkSource logo. Copperplate Bold is for the word Work, and Berkeley Oldstyle Italic for the word Source. The two create a harmonious relationship with the arrowhead mark and are never to be altered.

Futura is the official WorkSource font for documents. This font is embedded in the flyer templates available on the WorkSource Office Depot site and should be your first option. If producing a custom document and Futura is not available, Century Gothic can be substituted. It is an easily readable typeface that works well for the body of newsletters, brochures, or other business applications. The preferred font selection for emails and official memoranda is Calibri.

The Arial font family is grandfathered in to our standards for use only with existing templates and flyers. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you update older templates with future or century gothic.

Accessing and acquiring typefaces