Social media quality standards

Supporting WorkSource Washington Brand Standards for quality and unified communications statewide.

Role definitions

  • Marketing Designees: appointed by the Northwest Workforce Development Council’s CEO to manage the shared WorkSource brand asset in their WDA and statewide, are members of Washington Workforce Association’s (WWA) WorkSource Brand & Media Group, responsible for the consistent integrity of the brand and all its expressions.
  • Content publishers: individuals in addition to the marketing designee having administrative access and permissions to post to social-media sites.
  • Information stakeholders: staff and partners within the WorkSource system who provide information that can result in posted content.

Brand expression

  • Profile and cover/banner image templates must be used for standardized brand expression across all WorkSource social media pages and platforms, and for all accounts—to further professional, consistent and branded representation.
  • Post templates should be used whenever appropriate to give a consistent, professional, branded look to WorkSource social-media pages. The templates are available on the WorkSource Brand Basecamp. Social media posts that do not fit one of the templates need to be approved by the marketing designee.

    Quick tip -
    The majority of templates were developed in PowerPoint. To use the slide as an image on a post, save it as a JPG image (a feature of PowerPoint). Use the JPG to enhance brief text describing the event featured in the image.

    - Any assets (for example: icons, illustrations, photographs, images) must meet specifications in accordance with WorkSource Washington Brand Standards on Brand Basecamp.

    - Posts that are WorkSource branded (for example: content that is not a WorkSource event, announcement, story or otherwise) should utilize the alternative template, in order to maintain the uniform, professional presentation of posts.

Administrative oversight

Social media accounts are overseen by the respective workforce development area Brand & Media Group Designee.

Oversight competencies include:

  • Brand management skills, including standardization and quality expression.
  • Social media platform knowledge, including how each platform is uniquely leveraged for business use – If marketing designee does not have social media for business knowledge, they are responsible for training themselves and/or receiving support as such.

Oversight responsibilities include:

  • Content management flexibility and quality, including spelling, punctuation and grammar consistency – See below for additional information related to social media tone and voice.
  • Maintaining administrative permissions on each account.
  • Monitoring communications and responses, proofing posts as needed—particularly in content publisher onboarding stage(s).
  • Determining content publishers, providing onboarding and training prior to granting administrative permissions – Publishers’ competencies include professional-level written communication skills, consistency in writing and formatting, valuing social media as a business tool, openness to training as needed for social media business use.
  • Training, onboarding and providing brand support to content publishers including ongoing direction and guidance as needed.- For account consistency, have content publishers work with ESD social-media lead-, when work accounts are needed for platform access.
  • Ensuring one or more representative from each WDA attends Social Media Team meetings.
  • Ensuring information stakeholders are briefed on protocols and content contribution processes.


Content standards

(See above for Brand Expression and official WorkSource Washington Brand Standards for all asset and expression standards).


  • To ensure the widest access to messaging, use simple words and avoid jargon or slang and resist using sarcasm or puns that won’t translate to other dialects and/or demographics.
  • Use active voice (vivid verbs).
  • Avoid all acronyms.
  • Pertinent / relevant content, especially in response to conflict questions or concerns, should be tied to provision of seamless and quality employment and training services to job seekers and businesses.


Content type (may include:)

  • WorkSource sponsored events,
  • Third party/partner events and resources (please use the branded templates for these posts, as well as events located at WorkSource sites),
  • Tips and resources for the job search,
  • Training opportunities,
  • Hot jobs,
  • Performance results,
  • Labor-market highlights, and
  • Quotes / Testimonials

    Quick tips!
    - For content posting: 80-20 rule of content management is recommended: 80% of content adds value to the customer's life and addresses their need, 20% is celebratory and/or for brand awareness

    - For content organization: A recommended practice is to create a local folder in which to catalog/record all posts and online conversations. This is for back-up and possible disclosure purposes.

Conversation management


  • Each marketing designee determines that area’s social media processes for posting and roles of content publishers. 


  • Set and keep a positive, professional, welcoming and value-add tone and prompt response.
  • Represent the mission and vision of WorkSource with clear, professional and gracious tone.

    Quick tip!
    In the unfortunate event of abusive or crude language, posts or behavior requiring that a user be blocked, screenshot or copy the content and paste into a dedicated Word document. Save the document to a dedicated area accessible by all content publishers to your social media page(s).


  • Provide responses within 24 hours in a business week as a best practice for all questions and comments.

Privacy and professionalism

  • Take conversations to email or Facebook Messenger, as appropriate (For example, “For your security and privacy, please message this page.” Or “We are happy to continue the conversation in answer to your questions via ____@____.”)

Responding to negative comments reviews

  • Negative posts and bad reviews should not be deleted (unless qualifying as such, per the standardized comment policy), but used as opportunities to engage customers and show goodwill.

Hiding comments or replies

  • Comments or posts that are outright against policy can be hidden on Facebook (Please note: they will not be hidden to the poster or their friends), though continued abuse can and should result in banning/blocking from the site per the comment policy.
  • Comments or posts that are about personal, individual issues or questions should be hidden and the conversation taken to the private side.

Legal considerations

Comment policy 

  • Any time comments are hidden or deleted, or someone is banned from a site, a record must be made of the comment and reason for hiding/deleting. This is for public disclosure reasons and for record of action.
    • Policy must be included in Notes section of page (as pictured below)

      Seattle King Facebook Example

      This page is a place to find information related to programs and activities of Washington’s WorkSource system.

      If you choose to comment: please, no swearing, inappropriate photos, threatening or harassing language, spamming, or promoting/advertising services or products on this site. All comments are reviewed and screened in accordance with this policy. Inappropriate posts may result in banning.

      Comments or opinions expressed by readers do not reflect the opinions of the WorkSource system.

      Please do not post your personal, private, secure information, such as your Social Security number, address or phone number. Because of confidentiality requirements, we will not use this site to discuss any specific unemployment-benefits claims – past, present or future. We also will not disclose private information that we are legally required to keep confidential.

      If you have questions about your unemployment-benefits claim, you can look up your information on our website https://secure.esd.wa.gov/home/ or call the Claims Center at 800-318-6022.

      Equal Opportunity information 

      WorkSource is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

      Relay information
      Washington Relay Service: 711


  • Social media posts are both public in the direct sense of the word—viewable publically, as well as public record. Staff are required to maintain customer confidentiality and must not disclose or request personal information in public areas of social media sites. Reminder: offer communication follow-up via the private messaging feature of the business page or staff email address(es) as needed.

Equal Opportunity

Assets and photography

  • In accordance with WorkSource Washington Brand Standards on Brand Basecamp, any third party images, illustrations or assets must be rights-free and/or cited with source credit and/or with signed and recorded image release – See marketing designee or WorkSource Brand Basecamp for image release forms. 

  • High resolution, rights-free photos - See WorkSource Washington Brand Standards related to images and photography.
  • No clip art

Resources and tools 

For more information, recources and tools, visit the Social Media Resources page.